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now on fox 45 early edition. get out and vote on the %-which key races low voter turn out could make or break. so many desasters in that office. the race for city state aatorney. why the campaign is sttyingghot right until the end. it has nothing to do with christian or religion. the new plan to move the mosque near ground zero. the offer a maryland man is -aking. good morning. it's tuesday, september 14th. it is primary day and people in the area will be going up and going out to vote in the local elementary schools or wherever
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in the local neighborhood. we will check in throughout the morning. good morning, i'm patrice harris. it's time o get a look at our3 forecast. and meteorologist steve fertig is here with what people can expect as they go to the polls. >> there's going to be nothing ú%ather wise to keep you from getting to the polls. a lot of ry air..3 53 degrees at the bus stop. winds out of the west at 5 miles an hour. it's going a pretty afternoon as well with a lost sunshine. 56 degrees is the temperature in baltimore. a mild sphart bu!! mild start bn salisbury and baltimore. we are headed to 81 for the high today. mainly clear skies with a few high, thin, cirrus clouds moving through. look for 81 and as i said for a pleaaant afternoon. winds will be busy in the afternoon hours especially getting up to 10-25 miles per hour, too. expect breezy conditions later. let's see what is happening on the roadways now ith a first
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look at what is happening out there, here isslauren cook and me has the traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, steve.ú if ou're traveling in howard county, you want toowatch out for a fallen utility vote in the wood bine area. woodbine area, that s going to be at old annapolis roaddas an alternate. no problems to report on the west ssde of the beltway. here is a live look at 695 at route 40, you can see the cars moving along inner and outer loop, and if you are traveling along the outer loop from 795 to 99, you're lookinn aa an 11-minute ride with an average speeddof 55 miles per hour. a 9-minute drive through the haabor tunnel. that's the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you. it is oneeof the most talked about races this primary election, the city state attorneyyrace is shaping up to
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be a tight one. incumbent patricia jessamy is facing gregg berrstein. megan is joining us where gregg bernstein is expecting to be later on. >> reporter: greg bette geeinn is the underdog but recenty he has come along winning big endorsemenns. this morning at 7:00 bernstein will be in here making his way across the grant street elementary school greeting voters here as the polls open. the high-profile defense attorney came out of nowhere giving jessamy the toughest battle she has encountered yet. jessamy was appointed to the city state justice position. voters returned her to office three times after that.
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this time she got an endorsement from the baptist minister's conference. and in final hour, jessamy and bernstein made their final campaignnpitches. >> the violent crime has declined by 59%. >> although mrs. jessamy is a nice person, the office has stag stagnated. >> throughout the state they're questionnng about jessamy has done enougg to keep criminals of the streets and others questioning if bernstein can do any bettee. it's an answer that voters will answer as they cast their vote today. the two men vyinggfor baltimore county executives took to the streets yysterday in a final campaign push. the two democrats met with voters from randallstown to overly. council count kamenetz greeted .
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>> run the government efficiently and effectively and still deliver the services that people expect by the taxes they pay. -p>> both candidates are expectd to be at the polls today greeeing voters. a familiar voice is turning up on the other end of telephones across the state. >> hi this is governor sarah palin, here to tell us you that governor murphy is the only -andidate for governor to get the economy moving. >> sarah palin has lent her voice to a robo call campaign to gubernatorial candidate ryan he ii not a career politician and the only conservative in the race for governor. >> former bob murphy and senator john mccain.
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in response ehrlich says he appreciates mccain's sense of duty. >> stay tuned o fox 45 morning news for continuing coverage of the election. a political analysts weighs in all of the key races and gives us his pick coming up in the 6:00 hour. stay with fox 45 morning news, all night, we will be live will stay with you as the keywe races are decided. you can get on the latest on the november primarr at and at vote 2010. a man is killed in southeast baltimore. police are called o the sccne at north hally burs halibert av. they found a 21 years old man the chest. a few minutes later police were at the scene of another shooting. at west baltimore. it happpned at 9:00 at west
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they found a man ha that was sht to the chest. there's no worr on a suspect for in either shoot. pooice are looking for a man who stolee1500 gallons of diesel fuel from local businesses. theyyreporttd the theft of 830 gallons from the underground tank. a similar incident tookkplace near a heist last month. they ruled outtany leads and now they're loooing at surveillance footage from the surrounding businesses? mosque near the site of the september 11 attacks in new3 york. addresses mounting consistis crf the plan. he is a muslim and a proud america. while many people question building a mosque there. he believes it could be good for tte city and the u.s. >> this center will be a place for all faiths to come together
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as partners as stake holders in mutual respect. ii will bring honor to the city of new york torks merican, to s across the country and americans >> while the majority of voters believe the group has the right to build the mosque near ground zero, most of them also think it's morally wrong. a baltimore county man gets his way, the plans will never he wants to join forre forces w3 donald trump to buy the property and then he is proposing to build a center for the disabled on the site. ú% i believe in the american people and the american spirit. they might have taken this building from us, but they're not oing to take our soul. >> there's no word on whether trump as accepted the offer to buu the property. if he does, that would put their combined offer at $12 million. stay tuned to fox 45 morning
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news for continuing coverage of this sttre other. we will talk with that cee of about his desire to buy the property. that is coming up in our 7:00 hour. you're probably used to seeing bp underwater oil spill camera. nnw an important piece of the puzzle is being pulled out of the gulf of mexico. we are getting a look at the oil preventer. >> reporter: this massive piece of equipment once sat the bottom of the gulf of mexico. it's the blowout ppeven for now along a new orleans barge in ú%irty three piecess >> did you maintain properly. did you do what you were supposed to do at the time you that were supposed to do. >> reporter: it covered the spot wwere millions of gallons of oil and now it's set to be analyzed why it failedd meantime the mayor of alabama
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the company owes more than $500,000 in unpaid bills. >> they are going to us the ccty of orange beach exactly what they're doing to our business owners saying they are going to pay and delay a few eeks and come back and want a new document. we are tired of it. >> reporter: approximate bp is found to be negligent of the spill -- if bp is found to be negligently liable for the spill thhy will pay per barrel. >> he wwnt to clear 80% of that money for the gulf. money is restricted by law. it will take a congressional ct to direct it. >> reporter: while worring university directors of the from the bp spill because of cold temperatures at this depth, the oil might take sometime to
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in nefox news. after a month ong delay crews are within 50 feet oo completing tte rrlief ellment once that is complete, they will fill it with mud and cement.ú the baltimore ravens start their 2010 season with a victory. the ravens beat the new york jets in their home opener last night 10-9. -hey are ttok moments to start like quarterback joe flacco's fumble, but the team recovered. wide receiver antoine bold enhad and the team's defense was on point, they dominated the jets holding them aad nearly shuttin3 themmdown on 3rd down. new york converted just one of 11 ttempts. >> we're proud of our football team. we're prrud of the ravens. i thought we were disciplined. i thought we playee with fundamental soundness, okay. that is a team that creates
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havoc against you and you have to go to a tough situation and come back and play the next play. p> we believe but we don't break. that is how we play the day. we proo!prove that e can bb the number one deffnse. >> the ravens head to the cincinnati to face the bengals. kickoff is set for 1:00. no matter where you are from, we are looking for aul alú you raven fans to send us yoou go to foxbaltimoreecom and click on the community features section. coming up testimony begins in the ken harrrs murder trial. >> in say high-profile case. >> how the state opened up its case. and a cold front moving through brings a lot of northwesterly, dry aar and that
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the key to today's primary races could be thh voters turn for the first time dozens of turn out today. joel d smith is live today with how the shape of early voting
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could impact results. good morning, joel trs. >> reporter: goo.>> reporter: g patrice. -ood morning, everyyne. we don't know if the extra days of voting will mean have votes. here we are at the albutris middle school. -t's a place where former bob ehrlich will be here with his3 parents who live in the area, they will be voting for the day. but governor ehrlich voted earlier. he didn't approve, and he is not taae a look at this, a ot of ú%ople ame out during the first 6 days of voting. thousands did, it's the first that the state has offeeed it. early voting under the o'mallee administration. it was a big constitutional -menamendment the pun had!publio approve it, but hey did. if ore people came then that would be a good thing, ut a lot happen. >> people whh vote early, are
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people who have already made up their minds of who they're going ú% vote for. they are the people that turn out anyway. >> reporter: the state election administrator is stipulaaing a 32% increase for the primary.3 while some of the big races eem to are big leaders. thh closer races will bring out more people, baltiiore county skexecutive in montgomery and prince geerge's county. they couud drive more voters to the area. 4 years ago the democratic primary turned out 35%, maybe 32% this time, we will see what the earry voting actually does. -he polls open at 7:00 and that is also the time we expect to be bob ehrlich. livv in albutris, joel d smith, fox 45 early edition. it will be interesting what the turn out is today. early voting and how many people will be out there and vote today. that could be a deciding factor. >> eporter: some people say
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that whhn they're voting for chaage, theyycould be more sin spirrd to ginspired to go out a. we will see if the voting made a change, because it certain cost extra money to staff that. >> we will see what type of weather people will be voting in. meteorologist steve fertig is here for that. good morning, steve. good morning, pattice. very nice weather in fact for today. that will stay that way today and tomorrow, nothing to keep os way frousaway from the pollss you're looking at at radar and we look a little bbt wider ann we put things out toward theú midwest. you see showers there, sooe of that rain may be headee in our direction for friday and mmybe as early as late thursday. that is when we will see a norrh. for now we're looking at dry conditions and hhre is hat we -ot, 67 degrees, partly cloudy skies, winds are calm, 55% relative humidity and 29.99 and
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rising on the barometer. dew point at 52, and d.c. at 66, salisbury at 66 and hagerstown at 63,,fairly mild start to the morning and tteefrontal boundarú moving to the south is not going there's a lot of moisture. there will be breezy conditions3 getttng to the northwesterly -fternoon, it will be up around 10-15 miles per hour and gusting higher. it's breezy but when temperatures climb toward bad. the low pressure center, ity in brings us the best chance of rain coming on thursday into friday. meanwhile we will keep an eye on igor. it has increased in strength but so far off the eastern seaboard ú% the u.s. and it's expected as we continue to watch it to stayú several hundred miles of the ú%stern seaboard.3 we will keep an eye on it, but it will miss us as it conttnues
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toward the eastern seaboard.3 we will watch that one as well. 84 degrees in the eastern shore today for a high temmerature,,3 winds up around 5-15 miles per hour gusting to 25. the central part of the state, about the same. the winds picking up 10-15 miles pee hour gusting higher in the afternoon. 81 degrees for the high, much like yesterday with a loo of suushineeand back to the west we go, look for a high temperature there of 78 ddgrees with mostly clear skies, also the winds3 getting gut efin thtier in the afternoon. -- gustier in afternoon. and clear skies so very comfortable. the temppratures will climb through the day. and 69 degrees is where we will head overnight for the low. we will see mostly sunny skies tomorrow for a few more clouds roll in late in the day tomorrow, and 80 degreee for the high, it shhuld be a nice pllasant afternoon. 79 degrres oo thhrsday, in come the clouds and that late chance of rain and aabetter chance early friday morning. 700degrees for the high then.
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80 degrees on saturday, 82 on sunday, and 80 and mostly clear for your monday. noo for a look at what is happening on the roads, once again, auren cooke is back with a ook at the traffic. lauren. >> reporter: thankkyou, steee. coonty you do want to watch out for a fallen utility poll in woodbine. you do want to stick with old morning. it'' expected to reopen at 9:00 a.m. if you're usinggthe main liness3 we're looking at high speeds on ú%e west side of the beltway, 60 miles per hour at liberty road. if you ttke a live ookkno problems to report whatsoever, ú% shoulddbe an easy ride from 795 to 95. it will remain lear. here is a look at har food road. not -- harford oad. not many cars ouu there, bbt if you are using the nootheast corridor of 95, that will remain clear as well. you are looking at 55minute ride toward the beltway and there's no problems to report on the
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harrisburg expressway. here is a look at the are war wn road where you will see it's wide open here. the jfx wiil remain clear what this droid does will change how you do movies. with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same. introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generation of does.
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the woman who itnessed the shooting of former councilman happened that night. joy lepola tells us her testimony kicked off the state case. >> reporter: after nearly two years the only eyewitness for former city ken harris' murder it same on the first day of testimony. monica forman robbnson was inside of the car when a man wearing a halloween mask fired the fatal shot that hit harriss i was te terrified, i couldn't e what was happening. i was telling ken to drive. she heard the car shake but never heard gunshot. when he slowed down i didn't know he was shot. i just kept sayiig, go, go, go. defense attorney jerome vivins
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discusssd the state case, he represents jerome williams, the suspect that prosecutors believe shot harris. >> hr testimony today seems to be identical to what she says. that will be one of the things that will be brought up onú cross-examination or. >> reporter: during opening statements. case and told jurors that the three suspects, modern technology and forensic science will prove beyond a reasonaale doubt hat yarlz mcganey, garry collins, and jerome williams are responsible in harris''murder in the rob robbet the lounge that harris stopped. >> as i indicated in my openingú this is a high-profile case and my suspicion is the police garment haddto make a quick arrest to calm the fears of he >> reporter: vivins argue somebody had to pay, somebody %-weee guilty or not.ether they
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in downtown baltimore joy lepola, fox 45 morning news. robinson testified that she had known marris forrsix months friends. harris' widow was not in court. stay tuned to fox 45 morning news for continuing coverage of this story. we will talk to attorney steve allen about what to expect over the course the trial. that is coming up in our 7:00 hour. coming up later on the early edition, they're facing off for the repuulican nominatton. the big names backing gubernatorial candidate brian murray and bob ehrlich. good news and back news and it comes flying the friendly skies. introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon.
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flying is getting more frustrating. were delayed. the airlines did lose fewer pieces of luggage.
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the dow gaining 81 points closing about 10,500 for the %--he dow,,s&p and nasdaq are in positive territoryyfor the year. hewlett-packarr paying 1.5 $1.5 billion to buy rch it. and sour news if you like sleep. sticker prices are soaring. wet weather is delaying exports from top producers like brazil and australia. youtube is taking aim at the big t.v. tube. that website is marketing channels that stream live video. apple will start selllng its ipad in china. it hits stores there on friday. that's business. still ahead, a member of the black goral guerrilla taking aa deal. the terms of the [ male announcer ] it's ram truck season.
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